Concrete and clay products showcased on our website have been identified as either STANDARD or SPECIAL products. Whereas our STANDARD products are readily available ex stock, SPECIAL products may require advanced ordering and directly depend on the size of the order.

Our block products are divided into clay and concrete products.

Clay Products

ABEL Clay Products

ABEL Clay Products

There is always something special about the way clay adds that distinctive character to a home or business place. Simple, yet classic. And that look can be yours to enjoy through ABEL’s range of clay products.

Walkways, floors, roofs, maybe a stairwell. From decorative blocks and finishing tiles to roof tiles and structural blocks, ABEL offers a wide range of durable products to complement and enhance any building. Our clay products allow:

  • Faster construction
  • Superior moisture resistance
  • Better thermal and sound insulation
  • Better fire resistance
  • Easy maintenance
Concrete Products

Concrete Products

Concrete Products

The structural attributes of our concrete products, which fall under our Bestcrete brand, are well-known by building professionals throughout the region. They include:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Fire resistance
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound absorption
  • Modular dimensions

All these make the concrete block easier to design and work with. Its economy and ease of installation are a welcome answer to rising costs.